Alexander Grabovetskiy

Alexander Grabovetskiy is Master wood carver with a unique background. He was born on July 4, 1973, in Russia. Throughout his career, Grabovetskiy has honed his skills in the art of wood carving, mastering techniques used by Grinling Gibbons and other historical masters of the craft. His dedication to his craft has been recognized through various awards and accolades, including first place in the 2012 International Wood Carving Competition for his piece "Wall Decoration." In 2015, Popular Woodworking Magazine also honored Grabovetskiy with the Editors' Choice Award for Woodworking Excellence in the category of "Turnings, Carvings & Objets d'Art." With his wealth of experience and expertise, Grabovetskiy is well-equipped to teach wood carving to others and share his passion for the craft. In addition to his successes in wood carving competitions and awards, Alexander Grabovetskiy is also highly respected within the woodworking community for his skills and knowledge. He has a reputation for producing high-quality, finely detailed carvings that showcase his artistic talent and technical proficiency. Grabovetskiy is known for his attention to detail and his ability to bring his creative visions to life through his wood carvings. His work can be found in galleries, private collections, and public spaces around the world, and he is regularly sought after for commissioned pieces. As a master wood carver, Grabovetskiy is dedicated to preserving the tradition of wood carving and passing on his skills to others. He is a passionate and skilled instructor, and his wood carving lessons are highly sought after by those looking to learn this timeless craft. In addition to his work as a wood carver, Alexander Grabovetskiy is also an active member of the woodworking community. He regularly attends woodworking conferences, workshops, and other events, where he shares his knowledge and experiences with others in the field. Grabovetskiy is known for his willingness to help others, whether it's through answering questions, offering advice, or simply sharing his expertise. He is highly respected by his peers and is considered a valuable resource for those seeking guidance in the field of wood carving. Grabovetskiy's dedication to his craft and his commitment to sharing his skills with others have made him an invaluable member of the woodworking community. Alexander Grabovetskiy offers a variety of wood carving classes, both in-person and online. His in-person classes are typically held in a workshop or studio setting, where students can work with Grabovetskiy and other experienced carvers in a hands-on environment. These classes are typically geared towards beginners, but Grabovetskiy also offers more advanced classes for those with more experience. In these classes, students can learn the fundamentals of wood carving, including tool selection, carving techniques, and project planning. They will also have the opportunity to work on their own projects under the guidance of Grabovetskiy and other instructors. In addition to his in-person classes, Grabovetskiy also offers online wood carving classes. These classes are typically carving instructional videos, allowing students to participate from anywhere in the world. The online classes cover similar topics to the in-person classes, but they also include additional resources and materials to help students learn and practice their skills. Both in-person and online classes with Grabovetskiy are highly regarded and provide students with a comprehensive understanding of wood carving.

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