Is Cedar A Good Wood For Carving

Is Cedar a good wood for carving?

 Cedar wood for a long time one of the woodcarver's favorite woods because Cedar is an excellent option for wood carving. But not all cedar wood species are good for wood carving projects. Every wood has wood qualities and different textures, and that dictates how the wood will respond to wood carving.

Cedar wood carves very easily. You can create beautiful 3-d projects, but only on a large scale because of too pronounced grain. On a small project, the grain of cedar wood could destruct an eye. 

Cedar wood is a very nice option for not detailed chess set or caricature style of wood carving.

An excellent option is a Siberian cedar. It is very rich in color and has a beautiful grain. Cedar is also an excellent option for carving love spoons or just a kitchen spoon. It is antibacterial naturally and does not decay fast. 

Cedar wood (Cedrus) was the number one choice for carving panels on the walls of the most gorgeous temple during King Solomon in Jerusalem. 

cedar wood good for woodcarving

Conclusion: Is Cedar A Good Wood For Carving? - Yes! Absolutely

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