My Wood Carving School – Grabovetskiy School of Wood Carving
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My Wood Carving School

My Wood Carving School.

My wood carving school was founded to share my passion for making pretty things out of harvested trees. I received my first wood carving lessons from my grandfather at the age of 6. What he shared sent me down a path that would see me receive rewards and accolades for my ability to make art out of wood.

Why Teach Wood Carving

What an amazing time we live in. If you told a 16-year-old me tucked away in Dimitrovgrad, Russia, that I could speak to an internationally renowned master, regardless of where I was in the world, ask him questions and study his technique in high definition, I wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are at my own personal wood carving school doing exactly that.

When people ask me, what motivates you? I never say profits. I might be a romantic at heart but for me this school is an ode to the passion that became a career. A digital legacy if you will. It’s my way of teaching the next generation, like my grandfather taught me, and passing on the traditions of European wood carving.

Alexander Grabovetskiy
Alexander GrabovetskiyWood Carver

For the Hobbyist and My Fellow Wood Carver

I apologize. It might seem at first like my wood carving school is just for beginners, but I assure you that it isn’t the case. Most of my students are lifelong woodworkers. I have taught doctors, lawyers, and even university professors who are passionate and devoted to carving beauty from wood. Your pursuit of knowledge is perhaps the noblest, and I would be honored to help you enrich and deepen your wood craving passion with techniques I have devoted my life to.

If woodworking is your profession I have practical workshops that teach techniques which will showcase your talent and creativity. Before I was able to take a more artistic route, I worked an honest day building furniture. I can promise you that some extra flare will do wonders for your trade and craftsmanship, and I want to help you get there.

My Promise to You

I promise to always provide accurate information and techniques that will help you become a better wood carver. There is no end to an education. Even I still learn new ways to do things and find flaws in my technique. All we can ever do is take the next step, and I will hold your hands when the going gets a little rough and you want to give up. Leonardo da Vinci said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” My dream for this word carving school is that my voice tells someone to hold onto their art a little longer. You might abandon it later, but a lucky few will find something truly beautiful in the wood, and wood carving will stay with them forever.

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.

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