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Some Answers about Woodcarving School Courses

I am uploading multiple Video Workshops every week.

My approach to teaching Carving Skills is an old European tradition. Part of that tradition entails sitting at the feet of a master and watching how they work. Master wood carver works and explains apprentice watching every move and makes attempts and asks questions. All videos are in real time “uncut”. Multiple courses are offered. “Hands on” Advanced Carving in Grinling Gibbons Style for s Advanced Students. Beginner or Advanced, all will find the workshops helpful. I am covering in my workshop design process for carving,  sharpening carving tools techniques and carving, carving, carving.

You can watch as many times and whenever you wish. You can watch on Computer, Tablet, Smart Phone. All workshop videos optimized for all devices.

Google Chrome is recommended but all browsers except for Mozilla Firefox should support video playback. Firefox does not fully support Vimeo hosting and may result in stuttering. On mobile, any browser should have supported playback.

You can buy PFEIL woodcarving set. It is sold buy

You are absolutely correct!
All courses self-paced. Even if you have a busy schedule and travel You still can go at Your own speed. All Courses are available 24/7 and You can access them on Computer or Tablet, Smart Phone from anywhere.
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