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" Do you want to learn how to carve wood?
How about designing for wood carving?
Or maybe you're interested in sharpening your wood carving tools?
Start learning wood carving today!
Discover the art of carving...improve your carving skills!

WHAT IS Alexander's Grabovetskiy SCHOOL of Wood Carving?


The School of Woodcarving is an interactive video-based ongoing woodcarving lessons -training program. 

I founded my non profit woodcarving school to share my passion for making pretty things out of harvested trees. I received my first wood carving lessons from my grandfather at the age of 6. What he shared sent me down a path that would see me receive rewards and accolades for my ability to make art out of wood.

My Woodcarving Shop is open for you.

Imagine yourself in the workshop with me. You hear the distinctive sounds of me carving away and swear that you can smell the rich, earthy wood as it peels into looping spirals.

These Woodcarving courses won’t take you to my workshop in person, but you can enjoy them from just about anywhere. How does the embrace of your comfortable living room couch sound? A lot of students take their laptop into their own tool shed. Really, you can do whatever works for you. 

Learn Wood Carving online in a traditional European style apprenticeship from home.


FULL access to ALL woodcarving video courses around 3000 video segments



/year 2-Month FREE


Student od wood carving School Jonas

...by far a best course I found for learning woodcarving.

Master Grabovetskiy School of Classical Woodcarving is by far a best course I found for learning woodcarving. Being a full-time working dad of two beautiful toddlers my main challenge with progressing in my passion of woodcarving have always been (besides lack of time of course) finding an accessible and flexible way to learn and progress from a self taught hobby carver to a ”real” woodcarver in a way the fits me. I really don’t like learning things from just books or quick ”fast-forward” clips on Youtube, can’t really connect very well with that. So I think that’s why this course is really the prefect fit for me, getting the whole apprentice-master relation at my own convenience and pace.

Learning-by-doing is learning that sticks with you forever.
And lastly, I’d like to thank you on a more personal level for sharing your superpower skills of how to turn regular wood in to amazing art.

Jonas Jonsson  //  Artist (Sweden)

Student of woodcarving school Robert reviews woodcarving lessons online

You also offer subject matter NOT FOUND anywhere else in any online carving classes

     Alex, It has been my experience as a student enrolled in your Alexander Grabovetskiy Wood Carver/ Wood Carving School Online your approach in educating the student on how to use the carving tools, which tools to use (Why, How, When) and alternative tools to try is well worth the small enrollment fee. On top of masterful tool usage, you also offer subject matter NOT FOUND anywhere else in any online carving classes….

    Last but not least, there’s your personality..you set the student at ease making sure they receive your tutelage ..setting in stone the confidence to execute your techniques every budding artist needs to succeed. THANK YOU!

Robert Stokes  //  Woodworker (USA)

Wood carving academy ensuring 100% satisfaction

All this is contained on-line and comes from Alexander Grabovetskiy’s long experience with the craft and art of wood carving

 the wood carver Alexander Grabovetskiy online workshop is essential for further development of the wood carving craft.

Student of Wood Carving School Gerry reviews lessons of woodcarving school online

Gerry Michaud, Professor Emeritus
, School of Design, University of Cincinnati


Alexander Grabovetskiy is teaching woodcarving through online classes.
Learn to carve Wood, Woodcarving lessons for beginners, woodcarving courses online, Alexander Grabovetskiy teaches how to carve wood with one knife technique


who never touched a carving tool before

Some members / students of a Woodcarving School who never touched a tool before and after watching my beginner in woodcarving lessons achieved a splendid work of carving art.

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Who carved before and want to learn new techniques

some members / students are hobbyists who carved previously but want to polish wood carving skills and see other approaches to the wood carving craft. 

Carving Furniture Panel -Woodcarving, From Designing to Carving - Learn To Carve Late 18th Century Style Furniture Panel - Woodcarving School Online with Alexander Grabovetskiy. @grabovetkiy #woodcarving #woodworking Woodcarving Video Workshops. Woodcarving Lessons. Wood Carving Virtual Apprenticeship. Classical Woodcarving Courses online.

Pro Woodworker

Who want to Master the art of wood carving

some members / students are professionals who carved for many years, and they still became a part of my woodcarving school.

Alexander Grabovetskiy teaches How to carve wood in Grinling Gibbons Style of woodcarving. How to carve Foliage or Flowers
David Esterly write about work of Woodcarver Alexander Grabovetskiy

"Carver whose work is so admirably skillful, crisp, and fluent."

David Esterly // Master Wood Carver Author of Multiple Books -wood carver

Frederick Wilbur reviews Alexander Grabovetskiy as Best woodcarver in the world

I have just recently received the copy of WOODCARVING in which your carvings appear. Congratulations on your woodcarver of the year award.  Mighty fine work.

Frederick Wilbur //  Master Wood Carver Author of Multiple Books -wood carver

A wood carving of flowers on a walnut surface.

Woodcarving by Alexander Grabovetskiy

Chris Pye founder of Wood Carving workshops reviews Alexander Grabovetskiy Wood Carving Academy online

Hats off to Alexander Grabovetskiy who carved this exceptional piece. What an elegant carving - it sings to me!

Chris Pye // Master Wood Carver Author of Multiple Books -wood carver

MArk Baker Editor of Wood Carving Magazine reviews Grabovetskiy online woodcarving courses

your work is stunning, You know  how to carve wood 

 Mark Baker //  Group Editor,  Woodworking Magazines -Editor Woodturning & Woodcarving - Guild of Master Craftsmen Publications

Alexander Grabovetskiy teaches basics of Woodcarving for Furniture makers and woodworkers. Low relief Carving for Furniture.
Join the premier online School of Wood Carving. Master the art from Alexander Grabovetskiy & achieve craftsmanship excellence. Start your journey today

It is the best online woodworking school I have seen, and I have seen a lot of them over the years.


Alexander Grabovetskiy’s online woodcarving school.

It is the best online woodworking school I have seen, and I have seen a lot of them over the years. There are no gimmicks, just European craft tradition solidly rooted in a lifetime of training and experience, taught by a true master woodcarver (if you know me you know I do not use that word lightly, and I believe that is what sets this school apart from many of the other schools out there).

Luke Addington, 
Addington Furniture

Learn how to unleash your creativity with this comprehensive guide to wood carving techniques and tips. Discover the basics of woodworking, the best tools to use, and how to safely execute different wood carving projects. Get started on your woodworking journey today!
Wood Carving for furniture. Wood Carving Academy online

Woodcarving School: Training Tomorrow's Woodcarvers in Past Traditions

My personal invitation

I would like invite You to join my School of Wood Carving.  It is not even a School in the usual sense. It is a Virtual apprenticeship. You will spend time watching me working on real projects in actual speed. It is like being with me in my Carving studio and watch over the shoulder.You will see my answer to a common question -  how to carve wood or better to say,  how to carve into wood

If you are an artisan and have an art idea and want to express this idea not only on canvas with paint brushes but in wood, my woodcarving school is for you.


Woodcarving classes online by Alexander Grabovetskiy. Learn woodcarving from master woodcarver Alexander Grabovetskiy with in-person classes near you. Get hands-on instruction in the traditional art of woodcarving and create beautiful works of art. Alexander has been teaching woodcarving with the same passion and skill for over 35 years. Find a class close to you and start creating.

Welcome to the most comprehensive online resource for woodcarvers! Build your confidence with high-quality lessons, including an introduction to tools and sharpening. 

Online classes will instruct students in wood carving, including how to use tools, sharpen tools, and design specifically for woodcarving. Designing for woodcarving is distinct from fine art; numerous considerations need to be taken into account before initiating any design. It's crucial to be familiar with the carving tools at your disposal and to decide which ones will be employed.

Through video lessons, you'll get the chance to see how I utilize these tools. You'll progress from understanding the basics of carving techniques to mastering advanced methods.

As a woodcarver and instructor, my goal is to offer a deep-dive into the world of carving. While online classes differ from in-person sessions, they come with the advantage of being able to revisit any lesson as often as you'd like, which can be particularly beneficial if you're new to carving.

I've taught students who started as complete novices. Remarkably, after watching the video lessons, some have ascended to professional levels. It's impressive to see their accomplishments. Many of these students began with familiar queries, such as which types of wood are suitable for carving. It's worth noting that not all wood types are conducive to carving.

I offer lessons tailored for absolute beginners, and for professionals, I have advanced wood carving lessons. Whether you're interested in very low relief carving projects or true 3D relief carving projects, there's something for everyone. I should mention that my methods are traditional; I exclusively use hand tools and steer clear of rotary tools. My carving school boasts a diverse student body from around the globe—a community comprising thousands. Why not join us? Access the class page and embark on your wood carving journey.

Woodcarving Workshops | Learn from Master woodcarver Alexander Grabovetskiy to carve with classical Flair traditional woodcarving projects online

In our online wood carving classes master wood carver Alexander Grabovetskiy will show his approach to woodcarving. It will be a tremendous reward to take woodcarving workshops online. You will master wood carving skills and most of all you will be able to say out loud: I am a CARVER!
Take Your time and read at list one review about our wood carving school. What other people think. It is not about best prices for video lessons it is about Mastering Your wood carving skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often you offer new videos?

I am uploading multiple Video Workshops every week.

How many videos would be included?

All workshop videos are available. Currently, I have around 3000 carving lesson videos in my School of classical woodcarving and the library of woodcarving lessons is growing weekly.

As of today, the school of woodcarving library has the largest collection of carving videos

Will I be able to watch the tutorials more than once?

You can watch as many times and whenever you wish. You can watch on Computer, Tablet, Smart Phone. All workshop videos optimized for all devices.

What is the recommended web browser for viewing workshops on a computer?

Google Chrome is recommended, but all browsers except for Mozilla Firefox should support video playback. Firefox does not fully support good quality video playback and may result in stuttering. On mobile, any browser should have supported playback.

Do you provide a Wood Carving pattern for your lessons?

Yes, all patterns for woodcarving lessons are available to download.

What Style of Woodcarving do you teach?

I teach Classical or Traditional style of woodcarving. 

what is the Traditional Style of woodcarving?

It is also called period style. Attached to multiple art periods in History. Like the Baroque style of carving, Rococo Style, Gothic, and so on.

Is whittling the same as woodcarving?

Whittling is still woodcarving. Whittling is just a style of woodcarving that uses only a whittling knife.

It would surprise you how much you can carve with just one knife. You can do a full 3-D decoy with it.

I had had a fireplace mantel project before and I used only a knife to carve it. Well, I should say I had multiple fireplace mantel projects I carved with only one chip carving knife.

The blade of a carving knife is like paint brushes for an artist. There is almost no limit to what you can do with it.


Who Teaches Wood Carving School?

Alexander A Grabovetskiy - wood carver

Born in the Soviet Union in the small town of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk Region in 1973, Alexander opened his eyes in a family with an inherent love for the arts. His great grandfather, an expert at Custom Wood Carving, had his own furniture business. Alexander received his initial education in Ornamental Wood Carving from his grandfather when he was 6 years old. By this time, the family had been relocated to the town of Dimitrovgrad in Russia.

When Alexander was 16, he impressed Vladimir Tokarev, a professional carver famous for his skills with creating Hand Carved Furniture and other wooden goods. Vladimir took the teenager under his apprenticeship, teaching him how to carve wood the correct way - the techniques that would help the kid create unique, award-winning Custom Wood Carving masterpieces.

Life seemed to be heading in the right direction for Alexander when he suffered the biggest setback of his life. He was arrested by the Soviet Government, and sent to prison for his adherence to Faith and refusal to enter the Red Army.

He was released from prison at the age of 21. By that time, Alexander had already started a successful architectural and ornamental wood carving business from prison.
In 1996, Alexander, his wife Nadia, and their 10-month-old son Mark immigrated as a political refugee to the USA. The rest, as they say, is history.

Let Woodcarver,

Alexander Grabovetskiy

Help you with Mastering Wood Carving Skills. Learn Old world wood carving skills and techniques through online video lessons. You are going to learn the ways of how Master Wood Carvers work, develop 3D thinking for Wood Carving, and perfect your tool sharpening and maintenance.

How does Membership works?

How does Membership works?

Rather than charge per lesson or sell a set of videos, I want to build a community, so I can guide and mentor you towards woodworking excellence. Members have access to an ever-increasing repository of wood workshop videos and woodcarving pattern drawings. My woodcarving school library has the largest collection of carving videos.

I base all lessons on woodcarving projects. More advanced carving lessons based on very high-end real-life woodcarving projects

Some projects are relief carving and some statues, or if you wish to call it sculpture. Like Lion Head corbels, I had to carve for a client. It is a very interesting project especially facial feature of a lion. 



 "Wood Carving Is A Dance Between Steel And Wood

Or Mallet And Chisel Game"

Something holding you back from ticking wood carving of your bucket list? Click the link below and you will speak to an understanding person who will peer pressure you into learning how to carve wood. It will make you cool.

 But if you have a genuine question, I answer them all the time, and I will be as much help as I can to you. 



All the training is online, contained in the private Woodcarving School non for profit, member-only site based on monthly or annual contributions. Members can view the training videos, take notes, and submit assignments.

I RELEASE A NEW WOODCARVING LESSONS EVERY WEEK, to ensure constant growth and improvement of your technique. You can ask questions and engage with this brilliant mind or silently follow along whilst trying to mimic Alexander’s technique.

When your art fills the house, and all your friends can’t help but compliment you on your new found creative streak, it is time to learn the techniques that distinguish a master wood carver from a hobbyist. Alexander’s advanced woodcarving lessons and his opening up about how he approaches woodcarving, and his personal craft methodology. This is the stuff that takes a lifetime to learn on your own.

Alexander Grabovetskiy carving Wall Panel in Venetian Style of Woodcarving. Woodcarving lesson

Do you have recommended tool set?

I love good quality tools, but quality tools come with a quality price tag. It is depending on the steel used.
How long wood carving tool holds the sharp edge of a blade.

If would start with one of those carving chisel sets, they almost the same as far as tools included just a different quality.

Really high quality would be Pfeil Swiss made set- You can buy it on Amazon. Here is a link 

Pfeil Swiss Made tools

If You want to save money but still able to carve I would recommend SCHAAF

Schaaf Full Size Wood Carving Tools Set

by the way for Member of My school I have a special discount for Schaaf Products. 15% off any sets.  

here is Schaaf Amazon store link.https://amzn.to/2UuEvtE

Also, I have Influencer's Store on Amazon and I have some tools and books I suggest to buy. 


In reality You could start with just one carving knife. Matter, in fact I have beginner course based only on one carving knife. I like pfeil #12 chip carving knife 

But there is a limitation of what You can do with a knife, for example, you can't carve a spoon. For the spoon, you will need a woodcarving gouge. For other projects, you will need a veiner or v-tool or other type of woodcarving chisel.

What is your favorite woodcarving tool?

My absolutely favorite woodcarving tool is Swiss Made  Pfeil #12 chip carving knife.

With a carving knife, you can do an exquisite relief carving.

If you want to do the more complex project, you will need to buy at least one gouge, I love Pfeil Swiss made #7-14mm gouge.

At the of the day, it is your carving skill more important than the carving tool in your hand. I had multiple projects I could carve with only one knife and one gouge. It is all about the idea and expression of art form. 

In woodcarving blog section You can find a whole article about tools.

What wood carving tools should a beginner use?

Are courses self-paced? Could I can go at my own speed?

All courses self-paced. Even if you have a busy schedule and travel You still can go at Your own speed. All Courses are available 24/7 and You can access them on Computer or Tablet, Smart Phone from anywhere.

Do You use a power tool for wood carving?

I use traditional wood carving tools in the carving process itself. Pretty much all work is done by hand. I love the sound of a slicing steel through the fibers of the wood.

But wood blank preparation, I use power tools. Table saw, Planer ...

As far as a rotary carving power tool, I don't use it. I have carving power tools, but I don't like dust and noise. But on another hand, I know some woodcarving artisans who use power tools for carving and they do an amazing job. Decoy carvers use rotary tools a lot. You can do museum quality work with power tools, it is just my preference. 

It is just a different carving technique or approach.

If you artisan who want to carve a gigantic statue, it would be wise to use a carving power tool. It is probably quicker. 

But I love the look of a texture left by steel blade of a chisel on a wood block. It is like a paint brushes leaving marks on a canvas. It makes your work of art unique. And sound of mallet is more pleasant than a sound of power tool.

With a carving mallet and woodcarving tool you can also create a colossal statues with a unique texture, collectors will love

What is the best wood for wood carving?

Basswood and Walnut are the best. Mahogany, Oak and Birch also good wood for woodcarving

Also depends on what woodcarving projects you intend to carve what pattern you will use. For example, walnut in not good for spoon carving. Basswood is the best for spoon. And if you want to carve some detail for furniture, basswood is not the wood of choice. Walnut or mahogany is much better.

Is wood carving easier than stone carving?

All depend on the art form you are trying to create. You still creating a form just using different material for it. Stone does not have grain you have to fight but on another hand You have a lot of dust you have to deal with. 

I love the look of a marble sculpture but only look, not the process of stone carving. 

The Masterpiece of Alexander

Alexander Grabovetskiy has earned the standing for being one of the most quality-oriented Master Wood Carvers in the world. Alexander Grabovetskiy created an ornamental wood carving, simply titled ‘The Wall Decoration’. 

The masterpiece won him the title of International Woodcarver of the Year, awarded by Woodworker’s Institute. It is a museum quality piece of art.

His other notable works include beautiful architectural wood carvings depicting animals and other natural phenomenon in all their glory.

Alexander's Wood-carving art form could be found in places all around the world. In the museum and in a private residence's feature walls as a piece of art.

Collectors also love to place his work of art in homes..

Alexander Grabovetskiy Carving



The lessons themselves have a teach-by-doing approach. It is amazing just how much you can learn watching an artistic process from start to finish.


Study a master as he works and listen as he explains and in no time at all, you will grasp at the thinking behind his skilled hands. There are courses for the absolute beginner, the hobbyist, and the professional woodworker.

I dedicate GRABOVETSKIY SCHOOL OF WOODCARVING to the art and skill of wood carving for beginner and intermediate students.

Other aspects that we will learn are the visual approaches to a carving project which includes both visual mapping and

 structure to get you to a finished project.

Is Woodcarving hard to learn?

Wood carving is an art form that has been enjoyed by people around the world for centuries. It can be a relaxing and creative hobby or a means of making a living. While the skill level of wood carving can vary widely, there are some basic principles and techniques that must be mastered in order to create a beautiful and unique piece of art.

 The level of difficulty to learn wood carving depends on the individual's ambition and dedication to the craft.Wood carving is a skill that requires knowledge of woodcarving tools and a lot of  patience and practice in order to master. There are three main stages of wood carving: roughing out, detailing, and finishing. During the roughing out stage, the carver uses a variety of tools to shape the wood into the desired shape. Detailing involves adding fine details such as hand carving, inlay, and relief carving. The finishing stage is the last step in which the carver applies a finish to protect and enhance the wood. 


You can read multiple School of Classical Woodcarving reviews that are easy to sift through.

They reflect the diversity of the hundreds of students who have joined Grabovetskiy's School of Wood Carving from nearly every walk of life and country on earth. Want to read stories from actual people just like you and see the results they've been able to create after joining the School?

I’ve got you covered.

wood carving school that guarantees 100% satisfaction, woodcarving lessons online. Learn to carve wood . online woodcarving lessons

Nothing to lose

If You don't like my Woodcarving School, You can cancel it at any time. You have nothing to lose, talk to me, and I will cancel Your subscription to the School of Woodcarving.

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