Gerry Michaud, Professor Emeritus

School of Design, University of Cincinnati

Professor Emeritus

On May 14 of this year  (2018) I will be attending Alexander Grabovetskiy’s workshop at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking…for the third time.  Why? Well, I will be joining other aspiring woodcarvers to learn techniques of course, but for me it is the critique from the master.

As useful and helpful as an actual workshop is, the Alexander Grabovetskiy on line workshop is essential for further development of the wood carving craft.  

  1. History: As Alexander demonstrates he also explains the history of what he is carving and gives quotes and sources.
  2. Techniques:  When Alexander demonstrates a project he proceeds from the beginning to the end and never skips a step.  Also he shows alternate ways to get to the goal. His lessons build on one another, so that when one project is finished, many of the techniques and information are brought forward to the next project.
  3. Composition:  Have you ever wondered how the actual form is placed on a project?  For me the most informative part of Alexander Grabovetskiy’s instruction is composition from a historical point of view.  Also by demonstration drawing techniques fear of picking up a pencil is eliminated.

All this is contained on-line and comes from Alexander Grabovetskiy’s long experience with the craft and art of wood carving

Gerry Michaud, Professor Emeritus,

School of Design, University of Cincinnati

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